Service Experiences

Each Immerse week is different, partly due to the variety of needs, and partly due to the skills and interests of each Immerse group. For example, if we have a group of students passionate and skilled in soccer, we may have them lead a 2-hour skills’n’drills tournament for at-risk kids at a neighborhood community center. If we have a group of kids passionate about art, we may have them hear a testimony from a local Christian artist and volunteer in the F Street Church art studio. Some of the Immerse experiences in 2018 included:

-Taking children from the Homeless Shelter on field trips

-Sorting and distributing clothes at the Homeless Prevention Center

-Serving multiple families in need (sick, elderly, disabled) with yard work, cleaning, gutters, etc.

-Cooking a meal and helping with the grounds work and various construction projects at the Charity Autos program at the Northern Lighthouse

-Leading games and activities at the F Street Community Center

-Eating dinner and volunteering at a local Christian Community House

-Leading the Neighborhood Bible Club at F Street Neighborhood Church

-Distributing food and caring for children at Foodnet

-Working on a farm and hearing the testimony of a woman who has struggled with substance abuse throughout her life

-Helping with various projects at F Street Church.

-Serving at a local soup kitchen.

-Handing out Blessing Bags to homeless people living in the downtown Lincoln area

-Leading a “spa day” for elderly residents at a nursing home–painting their fingernails, doing their makeup and hair, serving them chocolate, and visiting with them.