Why Immerse

Immerse – the name that has been chosen for this program… what a great word to describe an experience where one is, well, immersed in Scripture, community engagement, meaningful relationships, and relevant hands-on mission. According to Barna Research, active church youth are more likely than their counterpart dropouts to…

  • Learn about how Christians can positively contribute to society (twice as likely)
  • Better understand my purpose in life through church (four times as likely)
  • Learn to view their gifts and passions as part of God’s calling (three times as likely)
  • Learn how the Bible applies to my field or career interests (four times as likely)
  • Serve the poor through church (twice as likely)
  • Go on a trip that helped expand their thinking (almost twice as likely)
  • Find a cause or issue at church that motivates them (two and a half times as likely)

Knowing this, imagine the difference it could make if we give students a safe place where they can wrestle with Scripture in how it applies to life, learn about themselves and discover gifts and passions, come alongside Christians as they serve the less fortunate, expose them to causes, and help them see how they can have a purpose in bringing God’s redemption to the brokenness of the world.

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