Here’s what 2017 participants had to say…

My favorite part of the trip was being reconnected to God…this was probably the best trip I’ve ever been on.

This trip taught me to be more accepting of others and forgiving

I feel more confident in sharing my love and testimony for Jesus Christ. I feel a calling to keep serving others in His name.

This trip impacted me spiritually because I learned to love God with all my heart and love my neighbors. I also learned not to judge people because everyone has brokenness.

This trip has opened my heart and makes me more willing to talk to and help those in need.

The testimonies were so amazing and so touching.

This trip was really fun to be on. I made friends with people I’d never known. It felt good to make a difference.

This was a wonderful trip. Couldn’t be any better!

My favorite part of the trip was probably working at foodnet or the homeless prevention center. Seeing all these people scrounging for food and items that have to last them the entire week made me reflect on my life at home. I want to have the brand named clothing and the right food but really, does it matter? This trip impacted me spiritually because it opened my eyes to see the world that I was kept from seeing and was shown to reach out to people.

Immerse blessed me immensely…One word I could use is HOME. I felt a deep presence of the Holy Spirit abiding here. This trip confirmed my conviction to work or God’s kingdom despite obstacles and trials…

This is my first mission trip, and I loved it. The interns had a great way of connecting with all of us. Immerse is an amazing program!

This trip definitely changed my worldview. It’s not something I will forget.

Immerse made me confident about my connection with God.’

The Power of Story made me think of the ups and downs of life and how God was present in all of it.

My favorite power hour was the power of Personality, because I loved figuring out who I am and how to apply it to life.

Handing out blessing bags was inspirational to my own life and made me realize how blessed I am.