Here’s what Immerse participants have to say…

“I finally understand my own story and knowing my own journey helps me forge further into faith…I was able to form deeper relationships with members of my group and the services we performed were really impactful.”

“I loved getting to interact with so many people and hearing testimonies was very meaningful. I loved every part and also loved growing closer with my group…It made me realize that I spend so much time on earthly things that are worthless in the long run and that so much life and joy is found in Christ and investing in time with His people. I feel like my heart has grown bigger this week and I’m trying to think of tangible ways to continue all this at home. “

“My heart is forever changed by these experiences. I thought that being here as a leader would just be about chaperoning–but my heart was changed and softened by the amazing people we helped and work we could get done.”

This trip impacted me spiritually–I really appreciated having the devo time in the morning, the power hour in the afternoon, and the debrief at night. Each of these times were great and very helpful.”

“This trip impacted me so very much. I got to see God move in ways that I’ve never seen Him move before and I got to see Him grow in my life and push me to do things outside my comfort zone.”

“This trip brought me closer to God, and gave me a sense of purpose.”

“I was a little reluctant to come but being here away from home was really good for me and it felt so good to help people…it was just an overall fantastic trip.”

“This trip helped me set my priorities straight..the overall experience helped motivate me to make more of an effort to step out…The whole experience gave me a ‘glimpse’ of the advantages we have and take for granted.”

“This trip taught me how to recognize that people in need are right in front of your face and you just need to take the opportunities.”

“This trip has really inspired me to be more intentional with my prayer and devo time.”

“This was probably the best week of my life.”

“I loved hearing testimonies, and getting to know new people and hear how God is at work.”

“I loved it so much and I would come back in a heartbeat.”

“To see how the Lord is using the church to bring dignity and redemption and purpose to those inmates is absolutely stunning and humbling.”

“Hearing the testimonies was the best part of the trip.”

“The interns were the best: servant-hearted, hard-working, kind, compassionate, vulnerable, humble, generous, fun, enthusiastic, just completely awesome!”

“I realized how much of this stuff I never do or would never have thought to do before. Now I know what I can do in my own community.”

“I absolutely loved handing out Blessing Bags. It was amazing listening to their stories. It took me outside of my comfort zone. I found our Power Hours meaningful, and I truly felt growth in my faith.”

“I LOVED interacting with the kids at Neighborhood Bible Club. It was a blast!”

“To be honest, this whole trip was very, very fun.”