“Power Hour” Training

Each day, there will be an interactive hour of training, focused on a different topic. These training times promote spiritual development and offer time to focus on applying the days’ experiences.

Power of Poverty

Discuss real life scenarios of poverty and gain a deeper understanding toward those struggling with poverty. Learn about the factors that contribute to generational poverty, and how Christ followers can make a real and tangible difference in the lives of those struggling with poverty.

Power of Personality

Take a personality test and find out what animal you are most like–lion, otter, beaver, or golden retriever. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your personality? How can your strengths be used as you serve in God’s Kingdom? How can understanding each other help your group as you live and serve in close community?

Power of the Gospel

Do you really understand the gospel? Is it real and personal in your own life? What are some of the rational evidences for our faith? Do you know how to share the Gospel with others? How can the Gospel become more powerful in your life?

Power of your Story

As you reflect on the testimonies you are hearing, what is your own faith story? Identify high points and low points in your life. Just like Joseph, God can use the good and the bad to bring about great things. How do we stay faithful to God through the highs and lows, all the while trusting His faithfulness to us?